Computational Intelligence

Computational Intelligence (CI) is a collection of nature-inspired methods and approaches such as genetic/evolutionary algorithms, rough/fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, etc., to solving complex, real-world problems.

Genetic/evolutionary algorithms mimic natural evolution to solve optimization problems.

Rough/fuzzy logic represent paradigms approximating "human-like" reasoning and "computing with words."

Artificial neural networks emulate the behavior of the brain to perform various tasks such as pattern recognition, association, classification, or decision making.

Biological Informatics

Biological Informatics is the field concerned with creation and advancement of databases, algorithms, computational and statistical techniques to solve practical problems arising from the management and analysis of biological data.

Although originally developed for molecular biology and genetics data, currently, the field has a much wider area of application, which includes neurosciences, genomics, biomedicine, and many others.

Legal Informatics

Legal Informatics is the field concerned with the applications of computer science and information technology in the law. From relatively simple information retrieval systems that aid day-to-day legal practices to sophisticated litigation support systems.