LAB MEMBERS (a.k.a. CIBiLings)

Current Members

Dr. Tomasz G. Smolinski, PI - Associate Professor

Graduate Students:

John Liddell - M.Sc. student

Yongjing "Gina" Qu - M.Sc. student

Mosammat "Ausnuva" Tanbin - M.Sc. student

Undergraduate Students:

Jorge Alejandre - B.Sc. student

Cynthia Krejczman - B.Sc. student

Karen Tchemi - B.Sc. student

CIBiLI Lab Alumni

Eric Wilt - M.Sc. graduate (Class of 2019)

Karla Miletti - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2019)

Kofi Forson - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2018)

Curtis Hite - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2018)

Kyrhee Powell - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2018)

Tawiah Angmor-Teye - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2016)

Kenneth Shim - M.Sc. graduate (Class of 2015)

Myles Johnson-Gray - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2015)

Emlyne Forren - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2014)

Atish Malik - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2014)

Trevor Newell - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2013)

Parth Patel - M.Sc. graduate (Class of 2013)

Samantha McDaniel - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2011)

Lisa McKee - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2010)

Former (visiting) Members

Tuba Abbasi - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2018) (Capstone Project)

Carl Osorio - B.Sc. visiting student, Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (summer of 2016)

Chuckie Locke - B.Sc. student (transfer to UMBC)

Sean Morgan - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2016) (Capstone Project)

Jeremi Frazier - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2015) (Capstone Project)

Mya Havard - visiting B.Sc. student (OSCAR/CREOSA), Spelman College (summer of 2014)

Charles Newton - visiting B.Sc. student (OSCAR/CREOSA), Southern University at Shreveport (summer of 2014)

Diken Timila - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2013) (Capstone Project)

Ainiah Floyd - B.Sc. student (summer of 2013)

James Yoder - B.Sc. graduate (Class of 2012) (Capstone Project)

Nicholas Anthony - REU visiting student, Wesleyan University (summer of 2012)

Arjun Patel - REU visiting student, Rochester Institute of Technology/Emory University (summer of 2012)

DaJuan Wright - REU 2011 visiting student, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania (summer of 2011)


Dr. Smolinski, Cynthia, and Jorge at the DSU Summer Research Symposium (July, 2019).

Dr. Smolinski, Karla, and Kofi at the 2016 edition of the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) Annual Conference (pictured here with a few other members of the DSU family).

Karla and Dr. Smolinski at the 2015 edition of the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) Annual Conference.

Kyrhee, Dr. Smolinski, Karla, and Kofi at the DSU Summer Research Symposium (July, 2015).

Atish Malik wins the 1st Place Award in Mathematics and Computational Sciences (and a laptop!) at the Philadelphia AMP 16th Annual Research Symposium and Mentoring Conference (November, 2013).

Atish, Dr. Smolinski, and Myles at CNS*2013 (Paris, France).

Neuroscience Retreat at the Nemours/A.I. duPont Children's Hospital in Wilmington, DE (May, 2013).
From left to right: Atish Malik, Myles Johnson-Gray, Tomasz Smolinski, Parth Patel, Kenneth Shim.

5th Annual Poster Symposium of the Delaware Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.
Delaware Biotechnology Institute, Newark, DE (December, 2012).
Best undergraduate poster award to (from left to right) Myles Johnson-Gray, Emlyne Forren, Parth Patel (graduate advisor).
Also pictured: Tomasz Smolinski, Atish Malik, and Kenneth Shim.

Emlyne, Parth, and Myles at CNS*2012 (Atlanta/Decatur, GA).

Kenneth at CNS*2012 (Atlanta/Decatur, GA).