PI's Message

Welcome to CIBiLI -- the Computational Intelligence, Biological, and Legal Informatics Lab, where we apply various Computational Intelligence methods (e.g., evolutionary algorithms, rough sets, fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, etc.) to solve problems in the (broadly defined) fields of biological sciences and the law.

In terms of biology, our projects range from exploration and analysis of large parameter spaces of neuronal models to annotation of amino-acid sequences for protein structure and function prediction. The results of our studies provide insights into how biology responds to changing environments and perturbations, such as diseases, as well as into the molecular mechanisms underlying those diseases.

Our newest area of interest lies in the applications of computational intelligence, most notably fuzzy logic, in litigation support systems.

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Dr. Tomasz G. Smolinski

P.S. Credit for designing our lab logo goes to our alumna, Ms. Samantha McDaniel, who not only is a skilled IT professional, but also a gifted artist. Thank you, Sam!

P.P.S. The Lady Justice image which now complements our logo was downloaded from the free clipart repository @ ClipartFest.